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Managing Strategy for Action

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Who should attend

  • Senior Management position holders, ideally but not limited to those being vetted for Top Management Position
  • 15 participants from Top Management PooI (1st cohort, please consider recommendations by ZM) + 30 participants from Senior Management

    What you learn

    Core topics include:

    • Understanding market volatility and geopolitical influences
    • Thinking cross-functionally to drive performance across domains, industries, and borders
    • Building strategic frameworks while incorporating underlying shifts in technology
    • Leading change and transformation
    • Exploring the role of ambidextrous leadership

    How you learn

    Classroom sessions include:

    • 3-day program at the Harvard Business School (HBS), Boston
    • Case studies and practical workshops with Harvard professors
    • Innovative methods of learning and group discussion

    Managing Strategy for Action also includes virtual/online learning


    Participants will:

    • Understand and apply state-of-the-art frameworks to effectively navigate industries and markets
    • Gain insights into and practice proven methods for the ambidextrous leader (run-rate vs. growth)

    Further details

    Please download the following document to learn more about this program.