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Orientation Day

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Who should attend

  • Recent hires with vertical career potential
  • Executives from merged/acquired companies
  • Ideally employees with a period of employment at Bertelsmann between 1-3 years

What you learn

  • Overview and history of Bertelsmann
  • Bertelsmann’s current status and strategy
  • Understanding of Bertelsmann divisions and their lines of business
  • The evolution of Bertelsmann’s corporate culture

How you learn

Classroom sessions that include:

  • 2-day event
  • Presentations and workshops with Bertelsmann University, Corporate Management Development and Bertelsmann Corporate Network


Participants will:

  • Gain insights into the company’s historical development and the roots of its corporate culture
  • Develop an understanding of the topics and issues that affect Bertelsmann
  • Have an opportunity to develop an international and cross-divisional network

Further details

Please download the following document to learn more about this program.


“Orientation Day helped me gain an overview of Bertelsmann’s businesses and divisions, and outlined a clear career path for talents. The dynamic of the event was very inspiring and entertaining, and has motivated me to take more courses in the future.”

Maximilan Kupka, Penguin Random House, Germany

"Orientation Day provided me with an opportunity to meet various interesting and intelligent colleagues who, like me, bring great passion and energy to their work. As a result, I really felt like part of a bigger team. In addition, it was nice to spend some time getting to know my foreign colleagues and learn more about their challenges. And above all it was fascinating to discover so many new companies within the Bertelsmann group that I wasn’t even aware of since joining RTL in the Netherlands."

Femke de Veer, RTL, Netherlands