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Online 360° Feedback

Systematic feedback on working behavior and collaboration skills

Por favor, tengan en cuenta: Este programa se celebra solamente en la lengua inglés y alemán.

Who should attend

Experienced, new or soon to be executives (e.g., department heads, team leaders, group leaders, project leaders, shift leaders) who would like to reflect on their leadership style and develop ideas for their personal development.

What you learn

  • Definition phase:
    • Define and inform feedback providers
    • Invite feedback providers to take the 360° survey
  • Feedback Phase:
    • Completion of questionnaires for self- and external assessment
    • Feedback from feedback providers based on questions related to working behavior
    • Potential edits by feedback providers
    • Tracking of questionnaire returns
    • Reminder (and / or) extension of survey period
  • Results and action phase:
    • Results report and analysis are issued to feedback recipient
    • Detailed explanation of results
    • Joint interpretation of the results and definition of potential actions
    • Follow-up, as required (e.g. action planning, discussion with supervisor, workshop with own team etc.)
    • Transfer to current work environment

How you learn

You will select at least three people from your immediate working environment who will form your feedback team together with your supervisor. The 360-degree feedback questionnaire includes twelve behavioral topics ascribed to successful leadership, such as taking decisions and solving problems, taking social responsibility and ensuring availability of service. Completing the questionnaire takes about 10 minutes.

Following the survey, you will receive a printed results report. A coach will discuss your results with you in a 90-minute telephone evaluation interview and work with you on your personal follow-up, if necessary.


Good management is hard work and requires different skills, qualities and certain norms and attitudes. For executives, social skills are thus becoming more important than ever before.

With the 360​​° feedback tool, you have the chance to receive systematic feedback on your working behavior. In particular, the 360​​° feedback focuses on the expectations of your direct working environment (supervisors, employees, colleagues and customers). This allows for reflection on whether and to what extent you are meeting the expectations around collaboration and leadership and where there is still room for improvement. Overall, the most important success factor, however, is your ability to consistently develop yourself.