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Data Curriculum

How does it work?

Data Science and Big Data are booming - but the experts are missing!

Data is everywhere. The amount of data we generate will increase exponentially in the coming years. More and more business models are based on collecting, structuring, analyzing and interpreting relevant data and making decisions or recommendations on this basis.

The development of data competence is forward-looking for Bertelsmann!

With the Data Curriculum, Bertelsmann University – in close cooperation with Corporate IT - provides a digital qualification program that is designed to impart this data competence. With this comprehensive learning offer, the skills and abilities can be acquired that are necessary to develop Bertelsmann into a data-driven company.

The contents are provided by top universities, tech companies and experts. Upon successful completion of the courses, participants can obtain certificates.

The Data Curriculum offers participants the opportunity to develop their individual knowledge independent of time and place, to build up data competence and thus qualify for current and new professional tasks.

And this is how it works:
Find out in which of the six data roles you work or in which role you want to develop further – from data scientist to business partner. Decide on an appropriate learning offer and discover which knowledge and which competencies you need:

Who am I?

Together with corporate IT, Bertelsmann University defined six data roles which provide a structure for the large subject area of data science. The roles encompass the entire ‘Data-to-Business’ process.

These comprise the following steps:

  • The exploration and standardization of data (correspond to the role of ‘Data Scientist’)
  • The provision of master data (corresponds to the roles of ‘Data Steward’ and ‘Data Engineer’)
  • The analysis of data for the business (corresponds to the roles of ‘Data Analyst’ and ‘Business Analyst’)
  • Visualization and communication (correspond to the role of ‘Business Partner’)







Click on the pictures to find out more about each role!

Which provider suits me best?

Bertelsmann University works together with three different learning partners:

  • Coursera
  • Udacity
  • reportingimpulse

Each learning provider has its own profile and differs, for example, in terms of content, the time investment and the price. This diversity allows interested participants to choose the offer which suits them best. You find the most important differences in the document Provider Comparison.

What do I need?

In order to learn the knowledge required for a role, Bertelsmann University has defined a competence catalog together with Corporate IT. Our learning partners have built learning paths on this basis. Each learning path contains a curated collection of online courses. 
The potential learning effort depends on the level of knowledge of the learner. An overview of the learning paths of the respective providers can be found in the role descriptions.