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Cloud Curriculum

How does it work?

Cloud computing and cloud transformation are top of the agenda – become one of the much sought-after experts!

The cloud is literally ubiquitous today. In addition to Data and Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing is one of the three pillars of the Bertelsmann Tech & Data Agenda. Especially in times of accelerated virtual networking, it connects us and allows us to access information and applications from anywhere. The cloud has become an integral part of how we collaborate, share data and do business now and in the future. This requires specialists with the respective skills and knowledge of cloud products and technologies.  

The development of cloud competence is key for Bertelsmann! 

With the Cloud Curriculum, Bertelsmann University and Corporate IT provide all Bertelsmann employees with a premium-quality, flexible online learning experience that sets out to convey these skills and helps Bertelsmann use the cloud to transform and accelerate its businesses.

The contents are provided by top universities, leading cloud companies and experts. Upon successful completion of a course, participants can obtain a corresponding award or, depending on the chosen provider, take an exam leading to a professional industry certificate.

Bertelsmann Tech Curricula offer learners the opportunity to develop their individual skill profile independent of time and place, to build up tech & data competencies and knowledge and thus qualify for current and new professional tasks.

And this is how it works: 
Decide on which cloud role you are aspiring as part of your professional development or which profile you would like to specialize in further. Decide on an appropriate learning offer and discover which knowledge and which competencies you need:

Who am I?

Together with Corporate IT and divisional subject matter experts, Bertelsmann University defined three cloud roles which provide orientation in the large area of cloud computing. The roles encompass the entire ‘technology-to-business’ spectrum, including the following: 

  • Continuous development and deployment of software, reliability, automation ("Cloud DevOps Engineer")
  • Analysis of requirements and infrastructure, solution design ("Cloud Solutions Architect")
  • Development of cloud business models, portfolio and strategy, market research, monitoring of business metrics ("Cloud Product Owner")








Click on the pictures to find out more about each role! 

Which provider suits me best?

For the Cloud Curriculum, Bertelsmann University works together with five different learning partners: 

Each learning provider has its own profile and differs, for example, in terms of content, the time invested and the price. This diversity allows interested participants to choose the offer which suits them best. You will find the most important differences in the document Provider Comparison.

What do I need?

In order to provide the knowledge and skills required for a role, our learning partners have built learning paths on the basis of each role profile. Each learning path contains a curated collection of online courses. The potential learning effort depends on the level of knowledge of the learner. An overview of the learning paths of the respective providers can be found in the role descriptions. 

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