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Improving Cooperation and Communication in Agile Teams

Please note: German-speaking program, only available in Germany.

Who should attend

  • Employees in agile/self-organized teams
  • (Prospective) managers of agile/self-organized teams
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master

What you learn


  • Dimensions and principles of “agility” in companies
  • Self-organization in an agile team
  • The agile work process

Agile attitude

  • Agile values (beyond software development) and personality
  • Constructive attitude towards change
  • Improvisation technique for dealing with the unexpected

Agile teams

  • Clear roles with shared responsibility
  • Status and collaboration as equal partners
  • Handling malfunctions and errors

Agile meetings: Retrospective, Daily, etc.

  • Establish and keep up meetings
  • Typical pitfalls
  • Tips and tricks

Self-organization and (self-)management

  • Consequences for management in agile/self-organized teams
  • Decision-making in agile teams
  • Transparency in agile teams

How you learn

  • Improvisation technique
  • Group work
  • Exercises
  • Input from trainer
  • Discussion
  • Case studies


In this seminar, you will

  • Develop an understanding of the special challenges of collaboration in agile teams and how to overcome them profitably
  • Expand your repertoire with suitable communication techniques for agile elements, and learn how to use them ideally