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Introduction to Design Thinking

Introduction to Design Thinking

Please note: German- and english- speaking program, only available in Germany.

Who should attend

This seminar is aimed at all employees who are frequently confronted with complex problems in their daily work.

What you learn

Shared understanding of the problem & empathy work

  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Check in the design teams
  • Understanding the problem and compiling different associations
  • Empathy work by the teams

Solution finding, prototyping and reflection  

  • Introduction to creative techniques
  • Generating ideas in a team
  • Creating prototypes
  • Testing & presenting projects
  • Reflection and transference into the daily work routine

How you learn

  • Real project in which the participants work as a team to develop solutions for a specific problem and go through all the steps of the Design Thinking process
  • Joint discussions
  • Documentation
  • Reflection


In this workshop, you will

  • Work in small teams of no more than 6 people, each supervised by a Design Thinking team coach
  • Get to know practical tools and methods for developing solutions to problems, which you can immediately apply in your daily work routine.
  • Experience a new form of work culture based on empathy, fun experimentation, and a user-oriented approach


“I would recommend the training to all my colleagues, because we all tend to fall into habitual patterns and use familiar methods. That way, you simply don’t come up with new ideas, but think ideas are good that don’t fit the customer at all. So from now on I intend to brainstorm with my colleagues more often, always with the target group in mind, in order to avoid doing work that doesn’t even reach the target group.”

Hauke Albers, Corporate Responsibility & Diversity Management

“The Design Thinking Workshop really inspired me. For example, we looked at the question of how best to welcome a new employee. In other words, you don’t have to develop a product right away, but first just come up with an idea for a solution, and then discuss it. I learned how to use new brainstorming techniques and how to prepare information in such a way that it can be discussed with everyone.”

Lorena Israel Findley, Bertelsmann Health Management

“An amazing degree of creativity was allowed within the workshop, allowing everyone to contribute their respective skills, and so a variety of approaches and ideas emerged. I got to know new methods in a relaxed atmosphere, and can now apply them directly in my daily work to broaden my view.”

Ulrike Riesmeier, Entwicklungs- und Transfercenter (ETC)