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Mobile Work in the Home Office

Please note: German-speaking program, only available in Germany.

Who should attend

This seminar is designed for all employees who (will in future) work while out and about or from their home office.

What you learn

Success with mobile/tele-work – working effectively in your home office

  • Creating acceptance with colleagues in the office
  • The role of trust and motivation

Successful self-management

  • Clarity about your own goals, tasks, and options
  • Analyze and optimize your own style of working

Email and task management

  • Optimal processing of the email inbox
  • Structure and order using Outlook as an example

Home-Office: Equipping it, feeling good, and working productively

  • Creating the technical prerequisites
  • Goodbye to stacks of paper: a clear and tidy desk

Designing collaboration at a distance

  • How to stay in touch with your colleagues
  • Regular “jour fixe” meetings in person & online

How you learn

  • Theoretical and practical input
  • Individual work and group exercises
  • Practical (real-life) cases

Please bring the following with you to the seminar:

  • A digital picture of your workstation (desktop/cabinets, open) and a screenshot of your PC and Outlook filing structure
  • A laptop with an email program installed
  • The home office rules from your company's works agreement


In this seminar, you will

  • Create the organizational prerequisites for mobile working
  • Learn to work effectively on the move with optimized self-management
  • Find out how trustful collaboration can succeed at a distance
  • Learn how to save time with the right time management and work organization, and how to improve work quality and customer satisfaction