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Time Management for the Digital Working World

Digital Overload Management (DOM)

Please note: German-speaking program, only available in Germany.

Who should attend

This seminar is aimed at all employees who feel challenged by digitalization and want to review their working techniques and self-management and improve them in a targeted way.

What you learn

The mixed blessing of digitalization

  • Identify problem – understand challenge – formulate goal
  •  Advantages and disadvantages of digitalization

The propeller hub: the “right settings”

  • Self-organization or external management
  • Habits, attitudes, and motivating messages

Propeller blade 1: DOM methods

  • The master rule: the magic square of time management
  • The big 3 Ps:
  1. Profit: small things add up to big profits in time (time traps & tips)
  2. Planning: “A-Team Method”
  3. Priorities: wastebasket delegation

DOM propeller 2: DOM in a team

  • Micro-Mini-Macro Cosmos model
  • The V-I-KoM Model
  • Rules of play to counter the digital flood of information/time-eaters

DOM propeller 3: DOM with your own manager

  • Manager and employee – an active relationship

DOM propeller 4: Don’t worry, be happy

  • Guide to staying happy in a 4.0 working world

How you learn

  • Input from trainer
  • Case studies/best-practice examples
  • Exercises
  • Discussion
  • Exchange of experience
  • Working aids
  • Checklists


In this seminar participants

  • Learn to set boundaries better
  • Learn to better prioritize projects and work content and question things in a more systematic way
  • Obtain methods for effectively making a variety of decisions on a daily basis, taking into account your own needs
  • Learn techniques to better manage the digital information overload
  • Improve collaboration and communication in agile teams