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Alumni Special: Smart Choices

Who should attend

Open for alumni of the programs „Managing People, Strategy, and Change“, Senior Management Program, and the „Leadership Journey for Leaders of Managers“.

What you learn

The program deals with the question how decisions are made in the business context and how executives can ensure rationality and quality of decision making processes in their area of responsibility. 

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Rationality of decision making processes in the business context
  • Factors that influence decision process and outcome
  • Impact of systematic biases on decision making
  • De-biasing techniques
  • The role of leadership, diversity, and psychological safety in decision making processes

How you learn

  • Highly interactive classroom session
  • Experiential learning and evaluation of practical examples


Participants will:

  • Reflect different mechanism in decision making
  • Understand the impact of systematic biases on perception and judgement
  • Reflect own patterns and biases
  • Learn to apply techniques to counteract unconscious biases on individual and team level
  • Understand their role as leaders to prepare the ground for rational decisions in their business context