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Team Talk

Bertelsmann Team Talk

The Team Talk is the employees’ annual group discussion with their supervisor. It is an important component of the Bertelsmann corporate culture of partnership - and has been since 1974.

The Team Talk is meant to strengthen cooperation within the team, provide the supervisor with feedback about their behavior, and thus help them to improve their work as a manager.

  • The basis for the Team Talk is a short questionnaire that the employees complete in advance of the talk.
  • This Team Talk guideline contains the same questions as the Employee Survey sections on Supervisor and Team. This allows for tracking changes since the Employee Survey, as well as the effectiveness of the agreed actions.
  • The results serve as reference points for the talk and can provide inspiration for the discussions. The Team Talk is designed to promote an open, constructive dialog.
  • Participation in the Team Talk is voluntary - and anonymous, because the employees’ feedback is only evaluated if at least 5 employees have participated.
  • The results of the Team Talk remain confidential between the supervisor and team, because a culture of partnership requires mutual understanding and trust. Understanding and trust can only grow through open discussion.

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"Team Talk" Process