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‘Kollegen-Campus’ Successfully Concluded

After 160 courses offered, over 5,300 registrations, and more than 1,800 participants around the world, Bertelsmann University draws a positive conclusion for this year’s “Kollegen-Campus” (Campus of Colleagues). The content of the events covered all sorts of topics from communication to sales techniques to data science.

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‘Kollegen-Campus’ Successfully ConcludedA new round of Bertelsmann’s “Kollegen-Campus” (Campus of Colleagues) had started in early November – exclusively in digital form due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, not only could many colleagues in Germany participate, but also employees from various Bertelsmann companies around the world. Under this year’s heading “#BeALearnfluencer,” employees were able to register as “Kollegen-Campus” coaches to share their knowledge in workshops or presentations lasting around 90 minutes. Around 140 colleagues responded to the call, including employees from Bertelsmann Investments in China and Brazil, BMG, Prisma Media, Smartclip Europe, and Arvato Digital Services Shanghai. And the demand for the more than 160 training courses on offer was high: a total of 5,300 registrations were received from some 1,800 employees in 18 countries, including Germany, India, the U.S., and Australia. Since some of the courses were fully booked within minutes, additional dates were offered after consultation with the respective coaches. Their content covered all sorts of topics from communication and personal development to sales techniques, from e-commerce to tech topics such as artificial intelligence and data science.

Anissa Brinkhoff’s workshop on “Solving the financial chaos and starting my retirement planning – my biggest learnings from my ‘What The Finance’ podcast?” workshop garnered more than 200 registrations, making it one of the most booked courses.

“I’m delighted that so many colleagues were interested in my workshop on finance and retirement planning,” says the head of “Brigitte Academy” at G+J. “The ‘Kollegen-Campus’ is the perfect format to talk about their importance in a relaxed way and pass on knowledge at the same time. The atmosphere was so relaxed and interested that it was really fun.” 

“In a year when Australia feels further away than ever, the ‘Kollegen-Campus’ was a great opportunity to be in touch with employees from different parts of the company,”

says Heath Johns, Managing Director of BMG Australia and New Zealand, who was the coach for the “Executing innovation – fearlessly (not flawlessly)” course.


Jan Reichold, CFO and COO of “rtv media group,” who attended the course as a participant, agreed:

“Beyond the presented content, the opportunity to network with other Bertelsmann colleagues from the various divisions was so valuable.” Sigrid Heiss, a participant from “DeutschlandCard,” adds: “The ‘Kollegen-Campus’ gives us the opportunity to encounter new colleagues we would otherwise have little opportunity to meet, and to help us look beyond our own horizon.”

As initiators of this year’s cross-divisional “Kollegen-Campus,” Dörte Wickenhagen and Sophia Ohlendorf from Bertelsmann University also draw a positive conclusion.

“We were and still are overwhelmed by the success of this first global, digital ‘Kollegen-Campus.’ The opportunity to quickly share or further develop your own knowledge while meeting colleagues from other divisions and countries in the digital realm, gives the format its uniqueness,” says Wickenhagen, who is responsible for “Learning Culture” at Bertelsmann University. “Its success also shows that a digital implementation was in keeping with the mood of the times this year,” adds Ohlendorf. “We will therefore offer a digital ‘Kollegen-Campus’ again next year, and we look forward to expanding the offer by involving more companies and colleagues.” 

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