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Last Chance At A Slot In The Udacity Technology Scholarship Program

Anyone interested has until Nov 16 to apply for one of Bertelsmann's 15,000 tech scholarships – including and especially Bertelsmann employees who don’t work in the Tech and Data sector. Bertelsmann is giving away a total of 50,000 scholarships for Udacity courses under the three-year program.

Marine Cuda from Prisma Me

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Last Chance At A Slot In The Udacity Technology Scholarship Programdia has done it, and Sonja Schroeder from Territory is doing it, too. They are among the 1,370 Bertelsmann employees who have applied for a place on the Udacity Technology Scholarship Program to date. This week there is still the opportunity for Bertelsmann employees and interested people from all over the world to secure a place in the scholarship initiative. Interested parties have until November 16 to apply for one of the 15,000 tech scholarships at .This year, the program is also and primarily aimed at Bertelsmann employees who do not work in the tech and data sector and are open to exploring new disciplines. 

Like Sonja Schroeder, who works as a project manager at Territory in the Event and Communications department.

“Topics like Cloud, AI or even Data are often initially daunting for me as a non-techie,” she says. “And yet it’s pretty certain that these topics will soon become relevant and useful in many more areas of work. I applied for the Udacity Technology Scholarship Program ‘Data Track’ not just to create a knowledge base for myself through the practical projects and mentoring, but also to develop ideas for applying this knowledge to actual projects.”

For Marine Cuda, who works as a learning and development expert at the Prisma Media HR department, it is important to understand new technologies such as artificial intelligence so that she can share the knowledge.

“To help our teams develop AI skills, I myself need to understand how the technology can be used, have the right vocabulary, and be familiar with case studies. I look forward to receiving a response to my application and will hopefully soon being able to share this learning experience with 15,000 students around the world.”

And Pascal Januschewski from Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, who took part in the scholarship initiative last year, adds:

“For me as a key account manager, it is becoming more and more relevant to support my customers in important decisions by providing the right figures. In the Data Track, you learn how to keep track of large amounts of data and then present findings accordingly. Doing the Challenge Course is already well worth it for anyone interested, especially if the opportunity to do a Nanodegree awaits at the end.”

Three-and-a-half month Challenge Course starts in December 

The Challenge Courses offered by the continuing education platform Udacity – also known as the “University of Silicon Valley” – each run for three-and-a-half months and require three to five hours per week. Those interested can choose between three subject areas:

  • Cloud, i.e., applications for online-based IT infrastructures
  • Data, i.e., applications for the analysis and interpretation of large volumes of data
  • Artificial Intelligence, i.e., applications related to machine learning and intelligent algorithms 

The scholarship recipients will be announced at the beginning of December and the Challenge Courses will start immediately afterwards. Ten percent of the graduates will receive another scholarship for a full Nanodegree degree following the Challenge Course. 

Background of the “Udacity Technology Scholarship Program 

Under the three-year program, Bertelsmann is giving away a total of 50,000 scholarships for Udacity courses in the fields of Cloud, Data and Artificial Intelligence. The idea is to help anyone interested get fit for an increasingly digital employment market and reduce the shortage of skilled workers in this area. This year, the Group is once again promoting the scholarship program with an extensive image campaign, which has already reached more than 30 million people. The first round of the Udacity Technology Scholarship Program last year met with an enormous response and achieved a high completion rate (view related post). (benet)

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