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On to the Next Round: ‘Kollegen-Campus’ Now ‘Your Campus’

We are rolling-out our popular learning-culture initiative across the whole Group. Register as a trainer by March 19 and #BeALearnfluencer for Bertelsmann colleagues around the world!

It’s that time again - after last year’s groundbreaking success, it’s time for the next round! From May 18 to July 16 we welcome all employees worldwide, digitally and across divisions, who would like to deepen their knowledge or learn new skills. This year, we are giving even more colleagues around the globe the opportunity to participate. To do justice to our growing internationality, we have given the former “Kollegen-Campus” a makeover and renamed it “Your Campus.”   

An offer with, by and above all for colleagues

The new name “Your Campus” is meant to express exactly this. The format is aimed at all colleagues, whether they want to share their knowledge or learn something new – we all work together to design [y]our campus. And that is precisely what happened with the development of the new name and logo: They were created in a cross-collaboration between last year’s trainers from G+J, who spontaneously volunteered their time, and us. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank both Andreas Mertels and Martin von Allesch. 

Be part of it - Sign up now as a trainer

And so we are now calling on all interested parties to share their knowledge with colleagues in virtual lectures and interactive workshops under the heading “Know it, share it, learn it..” Register now as a trainer until March 19 using the new online form.

As always, all topics are welcome. They can come from your immediate professional environment, but also beyond. However, you should of course have a sound knowledge of the topic in question. The goal is to give an insight into exciting, relevant topics that will help participants either deepen their knowledge/skills or expand their own horizons.

What’s new this year

  • We are extending the implementation period of the “Your Campus” format from one month to two months to allow enough time for offering and participating in the trainings
  • All Bertelsmann employees can register as trainers and participants (for up to 5 trainings). We are already looking forward to possible new colleagues from countries such as Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Spain, and Hungary who will be represented by their organizations at e.g. Penguin Random House, Arvato Financial Solutions or Arvato Supply Chain Solutions
  • Besides German and English, it is now also possible to offer the trainings in your native language. Please discuss this with your local “Your Campus” contact
  • This time, our adapted train-the-trainer concept breaks trainers down into different groups. On the one hand, trainers who have already participated and would like to learn more tips and tricks for virtual presentations, and on the other hand, those who do not yet have much experience as trainers and would like to gain more confidence. All trainings are very interactive and are offered virtually
  • This year, we are handing over the helm a bit more to the trainers, as they will be responsible for organizing the virtual meeting rooms. Each trainer can use the tool that is used at their own company (e.g. MS Teams, Hang-out, Zoom, etc.). We believe that being able to use a familiar tool for the technical implementation will encourage even more trainers to come join in.

“Last year, with around 140 volunteer trainers, we were confirmed in our belief that the ever-increasing networking between Bertelsmann businesses and a collaborative approach to learning, especially in times of physical distancing, are becoming more and more important. This year, we are also excited to welcome new companies, new regions, and new languages – over a period of two months this time,” comments Dörte Wickenhagen, who is responsible for Learning Culture at Bertelsmann.

“We not only changed the name this year, but also made our processes even more user-friendly,” adds Sophia Ohlendorf, who shares responsibility for the format at Bertelsmann University. “For instance, trainers register using an online form, and later, registration for participating in the sessions will be web-based as well. It is also important to us to support the trainers in taking more and more responsibility for sharing their knowledge and expertise, thereby creating an intrinsically motivated learning culture.”   

What are the next steps? 

All interested parties have until March 19 to fill in the application form for trainers. Feedback will be sent to everyone who has expressed their interest by the end of March. The “train-the-trainer” workshops will take place in April. Then, on May 3, the full program schedule will be posted on the Bertelsmann University site. Stay tuned for more information in the weeks ahead!

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