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Preparing For The Performance And Development Dialog

In the annual Performance and Development Dialogs, employees receive feedback from their supervisors on their performance during the preceding year. Professional and personal development is also an important element of the review. Bertelsmann University offers a wide range of courses in this area. 

A regular exchange between employees and their supervisors is an integral part of Bertelsmann’s corporate culture. In the annual Performance and Development Dialog, which is still ongoing across the Group until March, mutual expectations and goals are discussed, and the performance of the past year is reviewed. This personal conversation also offers an opportunity for identifying individual strengths and areas of development, and to jointly determine appropriate measures for professional development.

To prepare for planning suitable continuing education measures, it is a good idea to take a look at Bertelsmann University’s extensive range of course offerings before the conversation. It includes a wide range of different formats and programs for all employees worldwide – including a large number of free courses that can be scheduled individually.

Below you will find an overview of Bertelsmann University’s most popular offerings:

Well Prepared for the Tech Transformation

Creativity in a New Way

Personal Competencies

Build Intercultural Skills

Strengthen Leadership Skills

Effectively Plan and Manage Projects

MS Office

Further information on the programs can be found on our website or on Peoplenet. In addition, Bertelsmann University’s newsletter offers you the opportunity to keep up to date with new offerings and learning trends. If you are interested in receiving the newsletter, please click on this link. (benet)

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