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Digital Game Changers Europe

Leverage new digital trends for your work. A day for the curious, the open-minded and those who want to make a difference.

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Digital transformation is everywhere and has paramount relevance on all aspects of our future work and businesses. Therefore, this program is aimed at a wide range of participants from all functional areas, especially experts, managers and leaders…

  • in key strategic positions who wish to stay on top of current digital trends to advance their business and organizational processes OR
  • who seek inspiration of the potential of new technologies for their daily work and who wish to understand the implications of these trends on markets and society AS WELL AS
  • enthusiastic employees of all roles and positions who may champion a positive mindset-shift towards digital trends in their organization and professional network


What’s behind the key digital topics that make up the Bertelsmann tech agenda and how they impact each other:

  • Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud

As well as latest digital trends in a selection of topics, e.g.

  • Digital Marketing, latest Social Media trends, Influencer Marketing
  • Online Video, Video on Demand, Streaming
  • Intelligent content creation, social phenomena, Fake News, Deep Fakes
  • Big Data in E-commerce, Customer Targeting, Intelligent Pricing
  • Image Recognition, Face recognition, Emotion AI, Mood Tracking
  • Voice, Natural Language Processing
  • Cloud, Serverless, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Internet of things, Automation, 5G
  • Green Tech
  • Mobile Banking, Blockchain
  • Markets and channels: Online Entertainment, Online Gaming, Education, Podcasts, Health, Travel
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Augmented Intelligence
  • Wearables, Swallowables, Placeables, Biohackables
  • etc.


One-day face-to-face training with the Nunatak Group including:

  • Presentations by experts in their related field and digital industry founders
  • Experiencing and trying out new technologies
  • Platform for discussion and exchange over business-related case examples and other social and market implications of new technologies

Nutzen & Vorteile

Participants will:

  • Take away a good understanding of the what’s on the Bertelsmann tech agenda
  • Experience the latest digital developments and learn more about their impact on society and consumer behavior
  • Be equipped with the confidence and the vocabulary to leverage new technologies in their organization and to champion a positive mindset shift towards technology across their professional network
  • Gain strategic impulses for accelerating success through technology in their business and everyday work
  • Have the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts and peers on specific questions, challenges and case examples but also to address questions, implications and critical thoughts